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Professional interests span an eclectic range of seemingly disconnected skills and education. As a young woman, I had a passion for horses and pursued an equestrian career with international reach leading me to experience the richness and history of Portugal and the Iberian breed called the Lusitano and the sport of Working Equitation. My business acumen and entrepreneurial bent has pushed me to expand and develop as a licensed real estate broker in FL and soon to be licensed in CA. The sales and marketing skills transferred seemlessly from ‘horses to houses’ when, in 2004, I first entered the real estate and mortgage industry as a professional. Now I enjoy investing and building a portfolio of properties for both myself and others to help build wealth and stability in our lives.

An opportunity arose in 2009 when the market took a down turn and I paused to add a layer of higher education to my reportois by attending Boston University and acquiring a Master of Science degree in Information Technology Project Management. This has served to further my desire to help other build their business through online innovation, marketing and website development and deployment of strategies. I love to write and implement business plans, execute and evaluate marketing strategies and see small businesses and other wannabe entrepreneurs become successful.

In 2017 I am looking forward to new challenges and sharing my experience, education, skills and knowledge with others who want to roll up their sleeve, take an inventory of their lives, their businesses and their hopes and dreams. Together, we’ll begin to build that future that once seemed crystal clear but has perhaps become hazy or take that vague dream and clarify it into something that we can measure and take steps to bring to fruition.